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Personal Care

Re-useable Cosmetic wipes, eco friendly organic bamboo blend fabric is as soft as a cloud (well I’ve never actually felt a cloud - you get the idea). You won’t be disappointed. The fabric is specifically made for cosmetic wipes as the small amount of polyester allows the stains to release in the wash unlike using 100% natural fibres.

80% organic Bamboo which is naturally anti bacterial 20% polyester which helps the wipes to not stain. Super duper soft, absorbent. Fabric milled in USA specifically for cosmetic wipe usage.

Use to remove makeup or apply toner, recommend using only with a laundry bag so that no wipes join those missing socks in the washing machine / dryer. 

Each piece is approximately 3" in diametre, as they are handmade by hand and each is unique.

Zero Waste and Eco friendly, no more discarding single use wipes.

Soap Saver / Scrubber Bags Set/3

These soap bags are such a game changer for anyone who is using a handmade soap which is very soft once wet as it does not have any chemical hardener that is found in commercial soaps. The soap bar, shampoo bar, conditioner bar and even dishwashing or stain removing bars can be left in the bag and it will lather and scrub through the bag, then hang on faucet to air dry. These can be used in shower, tub, sink and even kitchen sink.

Each bag is approximately 3.5" W x 5" H 100% nylon with a nylon cord

Each set/3 has 2 light and one dark bag included.

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