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The Veggie guard is 100% cotton and reduces food waste by extending the life of vegetables. It's like a crisper bag. Broccoli lasts over a month! We kept a carrot crisp for 11 months.


PRODUCE BAGS - Set/3, 3 Sizes

Light weight, durable, machine washable.
J (Jumbo) 16 x 15”
L (Large) 11x15”
M (Medium) 9x11”

*note Small is in the cosmetic wipes bundle

Medium has 12 lemons
Large has 5lbs if carrots
Jumbo has both lemons and carrot bags inside!

Fabric Polyester Mesh,  with nylon cord and toggle.


Cold Brew, straining bags, vegan milk straining, strain seeds, make cold brew at home.

Set/2 bags, one grey, one white. Makes it easier to know which bag to use. Use grey for coffee and white for straining other things like vegan milk, or removing seeds to make jelly. Also can store fruit on counter and keeps the fruit flies off.

Approx size is 5" wide 9" long

100% nylon.
Machine wash, hand wash, dishwasher safe, boil and bleach safe.


TEA BAGS - Set/3

Reusable Tea bags,  spice bags, easy clean up, secure for tea on the go. No more floating tea bits.

Seams on outside for easy removal of loose tea.

Double drawstring cord, easy to tie closed for thermos and tea on the go.

(can also be used for bath salts with botanicals to keep from clogging the drain)

100% nylon mesh & nylon cord.

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